Why Is Aeration & Seeding So Important?

Fescue is a cool season turf.  The further north you travel, the better it looks.  It’s designed to thrive in cooler weather.  So, it looks really nice in Georgia and North Carolina during the fall, winter, and spring months.  THEN, we get to summer.  There is just no way fescue grass can withstand the high temperatures and lack of rain during the summer.  It will fade out due to heat stress or even disease.  Brown patch is a huge issue for fescue turf.  Post to come on that later.  The only way to replace the turf that dies during the summer is to plant new grass.  The best way to replace these areas is to aerate the soil and then plant new seed.

So……………..if you don’t plant new seed to replace the grass that is dead due to heat stress and disease, you will have bare spots in your lawn.  You might have more than just bare spots and not have any turf at all.  We at King GREEN always try to stress the importance of annual aeration and seeding.  This entry should explain why!  There is no product that we can apply to make your grass come back.  It also didn’t die because of any product we applied.  It’s simply because of the weather and environmental conditions and it has to be replaced every year.

You may be thinking, ‘I don’t want fescue if I have to plant new grass every single year!’  I understand your sentiment, but fescue is the only grass that can thrive in a shaded area.  Sometimes Zoysia is advertised as a shade loving sod.  In reality, it isn’t.  Your options are to keep fescue in the shade and overseed every fall OR remove trees and provide sunlight that will support a sun loving turf like Bermuda or Zoysia.  Even Bermuda & Zoysia need aeration annually, but they don’t require seed, so it ends up costing less.

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