When the System Fails

A King GREEN employee recently enjoyed a major wedding anniversary with his wife. To celebrate the occasion, he ordered a large floral arrangement to be delivered to her workplace. The local florist that he used was a trusted mom and pop operation that had provided our employee gorgeous flowers for weddings, proms, and every kind of holiday for decades.

When ordering he requested a morning delivery as the lucky lady would not be in the office past lunchtime. As a flower-less morning came and went, he became concerned as to the status of the order. When he called he discovered that their standard procedure was to not even begin deliveries until noon! By the time the flowers arrived, his wife was long gone. Instead of enjoying a beautiful flower arrangement on the day of her anniversary, she had to settle for a texted image of the flowers sent from her co-worker.

This unfortunate scenario could have been avoided with a simple phone call from the florist. Instead, there was a breakdown of communication and a disappointing outcome. Every business has things go wrong from time to time. What separates great companies from the good is how they respond when things go awry. A top-notch product is no substitute for a complete customer experience – especially in industries where service is a large part of what you are selling.

At King GREEN, we are confident in our system that delivers effective treatments and quality service. We understand however, that sometimes things can go wrong due to a variety of factors. When this happens, we are determined to learn from mistakes and improve whenever possible. We also strive to be proactive with our communication so that there are no surprises when things do not go as planned.

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