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When Can I Water?

City of Kannapolis
Mar 09, 2009

Water Use Restrictions

The City of Kannapolis is currently under water use restrictions.
The following activities will be allowed under the modified water use restrictions:

  • Lawn irrigation will ONLY be allowed on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The following activities are permitted at anytime:

  • The filling, operation or topping off of ornamental fountains.
  • Residential car washing will be allowed using a hand-held hose or pressure washer, both equipped with a spring-loaded nozzle.
  • Residential use of water for wash down of outside areas using a hand-held hose or pressure washer, both equipped with a spring-loaded nozzle.
  • Watering of trees, flowers, shrubs, ornamental plants and vegetable gardens for plant preservation.
  • Automated irrigation services may be installed and activated.
  • Filling of swimming pools by permit. Topping off of previously filled pools is still acceptable at any time.
  • All customers are allowed to use pressure washing devices.

Concord and Kannapolis are committed to environmentally sustainable water use practices 365 days a year during normal conditions and periods of drought. Irrigation creates the single largest demand for water during spring and summer months.
In order to continue to be aggressive in protecting our natural resources, the cities and the communities they serve are maintaining restrictions on days of irrigation and also use water pricing to promote further conservation.
Research shows that properly maintained lawns only need 1 inch of water per week to thrive, and it is best to water during evening and early morning hours.
We thank our customers for reducing their demand and assisting us with extending our limited water supplies during drought conditions. Our businesses and residents continue to demonstrate leadership in water conservation and environmental protection.
Click here to view the City of Kannapolis newsletter about water use restrictions.
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