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Charlotte, NC
Apr 07, 2009

Water Restrictions End in Mecklenburg

CHARLOTTE – Today’s regional review of water and weather conditions along the Catawba River Basin confirms that water levels have sufficiently recovered from the
drought. Effective immediately, mandatory water use restrictions are lifted for customers of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities.
The formal action was authorized by Charlotte City Manager Curt Walton today following a recommendation from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities Director Doug Bean and a review of water conditions earlier in the day by the Catawba-Wateree Drought Management Advisory Group.
The Charlotte area had previously been under some form of mandatory water use restrictions since August 28, 2007, when the combination of drought, soaring temperatures
and record water consumption began draining regional water supplies at an alarming rate. The drought plagued the entire state and southeast, and at its most critical point outdoor water use was prohibited here and in many communities up and down the river basin. Charlotte area customers played a key role by lowering their water use by as much as 37 percent. Following that blazing summer and bone-dry fall of 2007, weather conditions improved, restrictions were eased, and over time the rains gradually refilled reservoirs, replenished groundwater levels and restored stream flows to near normal levels.
City officials credit citizens for their unified response to the drought and urged customers to keep being WaterSmart all year long, regardless of weather.
“The drought and restrictions leave us quietly, but this was really a huge response to a tough situation and everyone did their part,” said Maeneen Klein, Water Conservation
Manager for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities. “The regional drought plan worked. Nearly two dozen Catawba water partners and civic leaders in two states issued a unified call for conservation. The media amplified that call, and citizens and businesses responded to protect our shared water supply. Because of that teamwork, no community faced additional emergency restrictions, and none of us ran out of water.”
Klein said perhaps the lingering lesson of the drought is that more folks learned how to be water-efficient while maintaining households and running businesses. “We will continue that year-round WaterSmart conservation message and outreach,” she said. “Every drop
Want to learn more ways to conserve? Visit www.cmutilities.com or saveyourwater.org and we’ll show you how!
Click here for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities official PDF version of the news release.
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