Turf Tips

Brown Patch Disease

If you have a history of brown patch disease or if you notice it in your lawn we can help with the control of this disease.

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Large Patch Disease

Lawns are the most susceptible to large patch infection during the transition into and out of dormancy.

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Planet S Day Of Service

April 22, 2011 – King GREEN is a member of PLANET, the Professional Landcare Network. PLANET is promoting their 2nd annual Day of Service for all green industry professionals! Find out what King GREEN is doing to support the cause!

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Getting Rid Of Wasps

As a King GREEN IPM customer we will look for and destroy any wasp colonies on your home while we are out on our quarterly visits.

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Jenny Melton Foundation

Help make a difference in your community!

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Warm Season Grass Scalping

To get your lawn to “green up”, be sure to give it an initial grass scalping.

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Watering Lawns The King GREEN Way

Watering grass properly is great for your lawn and can actually save you money!

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Armyworms In Turf

Armyworms are common in turf this time of year. Read more information about how to control them!

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Lawn Drought Stress

King Green offers tips on how to care for your lawn in the event of a drought.

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Planting Summer Annuals

Want to add some color to your landscape this summer? Read about what top landscaper Scott Chatham suggests for you!

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Residential Lawn Services

Keep your lawn and landscape healthy and green – the envy of the whole neighborhood.

Commercial Lawn Services

From office buildings to sports turf, our flexible programs keep all properties looking their best.
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