Spring is fully upon us and that means it is your lawn mower’s busiest time of year. As you resume the mowing routine, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Sharpen Your Blades: Dull mower blades can shred or tear grass blades, leaving them unhealthy and prone to disease.
  •  Avoid Scalping: As a rule, only one third of the grass blade should be removed with each mowing. Turf root systems rely on nutrients produced in the grass blades. Mowing too low (scalping) compromises the plant’s ability to feed itself and also reduces valuable shade that protects roots from the stressful heat of sunshine.
  •  An exception to this rule is that warm season grasses can actually benefit from an early spring scalping. For warm season turf, an early scalping helps remove dormant growth (where diseases can thrive). It also ‘jump starts’ warm season turf by warming up the soil.
  • Mulch Clippings: Yard waste should be avoided whenever possible. Grass clippings are an avoidable source of lawn waste if you make a habit of mulching. Leaving your clippings can help nourish your lawn. Contrary to what you might think it does not increase thatch buildup – in fact grass blades are at least 70% water!

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