Lawn Renovation

Lawn renovation is a lot of work, let us help! There are several factors to consider before deciding if lawn renovation is right for your lawn. First, it’s important to figure out why your lawn depreciated in the first place. Do you have the correct turf planted for your landscape? Do you have an extremely invasive weed issue? Does your turf receive the appropriate amount of sunlight? Our lawn renovation and restoration experts can answer these questions for you.
The Lawn Renovation Process includes the following steps:

  • 1 to 2 applications of a non-selective herbicide are applied to the area that is going to be renovated.
  • Once all present foliage dies off (approximately 3 weeks), our crew performs a heavy dethatching and raking.
  • All of the remaining brush is removed from your lawn.
  • Thorough aeration and seeding is performed to replace your existing turf.
  • It is essential for you to follow the aftercare tips to receive the most benefit.

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Residential Lawn Services

Keep your lawn and landscape healthy and green – the envy of the whole neighborhood.

Commercial Lawn Services

From office buildings to sports turf, our flexible programs keep all properties looking their best.
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