Fungicide Application

Fungicide Applications

With the many different types of turf grasses in the southeast and the hot, humid weather, disease is always a possibility. King GREEN offers lawn fungicide applications for many different diseases that occur in Fescue, Bermuda and Zoysia.

Brown Patch in Fescue

Brown Patch - preventable with fungicide application Almost all fescue lawns will get Brown Patch to one degree or another during the summer months. Factors that increase probability are improper watering, poor drainage, poor air circulation, dull mower blades and mowing at the wrong height. It can be recognized by leaf blades first appearing water soaked and dark. Leaf blades will wilt and become light brown as the tissue dies. King GREEN offers a preventative fungicide application program that will aid in lawn fungus control. Our lawn fungus control program for Brown Patch begins in late April and continues until September. This program utilizes a lawn fungicide that helps control the pathogens that cause the Brown Patch fungus.

Dollar Spot in Bermuda or Zoysia

Fungicide applications can prevent dollar spot Bermuda and Zoysia lawns are susceptible to Dollar Spot in the hot summer months, both easily cured by fungicide application. It can be recognized by a 2 inch diameter or smaller tan spot in the lawn. If left unchecked the spots could grow together and produce large, irregular brown areas in the lawn. Infected leaf blades have light tan lesions with reddish-brown borders. You may also notice cobweb-like mycelium when your grass is wet with dew. It’s impossible to predict if this fungus will attack your lawn. Just make sure to contact us at the first sign of disease so we can stop the fungus from spreading. We recommend a minimum of 2 lawn fungicide applications for full lawn fungus control, but more may be necessary.

Zoysia Patch

Zoysia patch is curable with fungicide applicationIf you notice discolored arcs or large circles in your Zoysia lawn you are most likely experiencing an advanced case of Zoysia Patch. This disease is most prominent during the seasonal transition phase primarily at “green up”. A variety of factors contribute to this disease, which can include compacted soil, excessive thatch buildup and unseasonably warm temperatures during the winter months. The treatment of Zoysia Patch involves professional applications of lawn fungicide. Please contact King GREEN, a top fungicide company, with your questions regarding Zoysia Patch and Lawn Fungus Control.
Our fungicide applications will help keep your yard looking it’s best. To learn more about our fungicide applications, contact us for a free estimate.

Our Guarantee

Because of our confidence in our programs and service, we guarantee your satisfaction with each and every application. If you are not completely satisfied with the results of an application, we will reapply the application at no charge or refund the cost of the service. Because of the many variables we must face in dealing with nature, this guarantee does not include plant replacement.

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