No Off Season

A historically successful college football coach once noted that having his team in the national championship game was annoying. Not because of the media circus, the rigorous itinerary, the short prep time, or the pressure that comes with being one of the best teams in the nation. No, playing in the big game was a chore because it cut into his recruitment time. He realized that his dynastic success on the football field was rooted in his ability to sell his program in living rooms across the country year after year.
While few individuals possess the commitment/insanity necessary to be a top level coach, the principal of constant preparation applies to everyone and everything – including your lawn. Even in the winter, there is plenty that you can be doing to maintain and improve your lawn and landscaping. Cleaning fallen leaves out of your flower beds now makes for a smooth spring. Pruning trees and shrubs in the winter is a good way to direct future growth. Winter is also a good time to plan new additions or decide what annual flowers to use. Winter is a great time to keep your eyes out for specials at lawn and garden stores as you consider possibilities for the following year.
Things may seem slow around your yard during the winter months, but your lawn will thank you if you give it year-round attention.

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