Lawn in Progress

One of our customers recently sent the following e-mail and pictures.  We’re so glad she shared her success story with us and sincerely appreciate the feedback.  Her lawn is still a work in progress, but showing great improvement.
” I just need you and the rest of the fabulous team at King Green to see what a difference you’ve made in our yard! It’s been wonderful, we couldn’t be happier, and you’ve only put down 2 applications so far.
The first 3 pictures are the “before”.
The 4th and 5th pictures are the “afters” that I took this morning.
The 6th (last) pic is the dividing line between our house and our neighbors. We are on the right side, they are on the left. It’s a HUGE difference!!
We’ve actually had neighbors stop by to tell us how much better our yard is looking and you know we’re spreading the word! The $25 for referring a friend word! Because I’m so pleased with the results, I’m going to include a blog entry on King Green. Thank you for giving us our grass back!!
The McEvers”

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