Hidden lawn care problems

Sometimes, Lawn Care in Atlanta, GA, is About More Than Addressing the Obvious

Lawn Care Atlanta GAWhile many property owners engage a lawn care strategy that focuses on the visible issues plaguing their lawns – like bald spots or brown patches – sometimes the real issues are visible only to a highly trained eye. Pouring grass seed on a bald spot, for instance, may not ever be a successful lawn care strategy if the hidden cause of that bald spot is never addressed. Some of the hidden problems that commonly plague lawns in our region include fungi and lack of or too much sun dependent on the grass type.
Fungal organisms can cause a variety of issues, depending on the type of grass you have and the conditions that are present. Your lawn is naturally full of fungi – the problems arise when the right (or wrong) conditions allow a fungus to thrive and take over an area. For instance, bermuda and zoysia grasses are vulnerable to Dollar Spot Disease, which creates small lesions on the grass blades, but does not affect the root system. The dollar spot fungus is fed by long dew periods of eight hours or more, in an environment where nitrogen has been depleted. Brown Patch Disease is fed by a different fungus, but is also fed by extended periods of blade dampness. Lawn care strategies for addressing these two common problems may include adjusting your watering schedule or fertilizers.
Fescue turf thrives in partly shaded areas.  If you have full sun, fescue might not thrive.  The opposite is true for bermuda and zoysia turf; these grass types perform best in well-lit areas.  Additionally, your turf could be competing with the roots of large trees for nutrition and water. All of these environmental conditions should be considered when evaluation the health of your lawn.
A professional lawn care company like King GREEN is experienced in diagnosing and treating the hidden problems that may be affecting your lawn in the Atlanta, GA, area. Contact us today to learn more about the programs we offer.

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