We Hibernate-Fescue Lawns Do Not

They say that the squeaky wheel gets the grease – and this should be no surprise. With a few exceptions, people prefer stability over chaos. We typically don’t seek out problems to deal with unless we have to. No news is typically good news.

In the world of lawn care, it is incredibly easy to ‘check out’ once the growth season wanes and our lawns no longer require constant attention. Without quickly growing grass and weeds sprouting up all over the place, it is tempting to not concern yourself too heavily with lawn matters.
Remember though, that we in the southern US tend to be fairly sensitive to weather change. Plants, on the other hand, stay active through the winter.

While we see temps below 40 as reason to relegate ourselves to the indoor world of couches and football – our lawn and landscapes keep moving.
While you may not see too much visible growth in the winter months, there is plenty going on below ground. In the winter, plants from trees to turf expand and fortify their root systems. Feeding fescue turf in the fall and winter helps this process along and results in plants that are stronger and healthier come spring.

So as you pack it in for the year, let us give your lawn a solid meal that will keep it well-fed all winter lawn. Warm weather will be back before you know it, and the efforts you take now will pay off big come spring.

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