January – March

This time of year, you might be seeing a weed referred to as “Poa Annua” (also known as Annual Bluegrass). Learn more about this and other noxious weeds on our Weed Identification page.

Remember, King GREEN’s Lawn Care can prevent this weed from coming up.

Scalping is a mowing procedure that should only be done to Bermuda grass right before “green up”. It is the removal of dead grass once the Bermuda has started its growing season. King GREEN recommends taking your grass down to 1/2 inch in height to remove last year’s dead grass from the top. It is very important to wait until we have had the last frost of the season to do this. This often occurs at the end of March. Scalping too soon could result in winter damage to the turf. Please call or contact a King GREEN professional if you have any questions about scalping.

Crabgrass is an annual grassy weed that starts germinating in the early spring months. Products need to be applied before the germination process to prevent it from sprouting. King GREEN’s lawn care program puts down pre-emergents in late winter and early spring to create a barrier from this difficult weed.

To learn more about Crabgrass and other noxious weeds, visit our Weed Identification page.

April – June

The best time to have your Bermuda or Zoysia lawn aerated is between March and July. Please call or contact a King GREEN professional to get pricing information.

Read more on the benefits of lawn aeration.

The most common type of leafy weed during this time is Fireweed or American Burnweed.

A picture and additional information about why Fireweed can’t be prevented can be found on our Weed Identification page.

Most often, when you see these signs, your trees and shrubs are being affected by Lacebugs. Learn more about these and other landscape assailants here.

King GREEN’s tree and shrub care program can eliminate these and other damaging insects.

July – September

Unlike warm season grasses such as Bermuda or Zoysia, Fescue grass does not have a rejuvenating root system. Fescue seed must be planted each year to re-establish the turf density lost by drought and heat stress as well as disease.

Call the office or click here to get a quote for Aeration and Seeding for your Fescue lawn.

The best time to have Aeration and Seeding service for your Fescue grass is in the fall. King GREEN offers this service in September and October. By aerating and over seeding your lawn in the fall, it allows a longer time for the seed to germinate and establish a root system that will survive the summer heat. This will also allow us to put down our weed control in the spring, as needed, to prevent weeds through the summer.

To get on the schedule for Aeration & Seeding, contact us.

October – December

The best time to fertilize is during the winter months. Tree and shrub fertilization from King GREEN promotes a more active root system for healthier, more beautiful landscape plants. Our fertilizers are formulated to break down at certain times of the year, ensuring that your trees and shrubs always have the right amount of nutrients at the right time. With tree and shrub care from King GREEN, you can look forward to enhanced blooming from trees and shrubs that are better able to stand up to insects, pests and diseases. So what are you waiting for? Contact us if you’re interested in our Tree & Shrub Care Program.

If you would like us to simply fertilize your ornamental trees and shrubs, and you are not interested in a program, Root Zone Fertilization is the service for you.

Yes! King GREEN makes sure that each treatment is seasonally designed to take care of your landscape’s needs. Taking less than the full program can compromise the quality of your lawn. Even during the winter months, lime and fertilizer are beneficial. Lime balances the pH level of your Bermuda grass or Zoysia grass to prepare it for “green-up” in the spring. Fescue grass requires fertilizer in the winter, in order to establish the root system of the newly seeded turf. We will not apply anything to your lawn that is unnecessary.

King GREEN uses environmentally responsible products around your home, lawn and landscape. All of the products are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for use on turf grasses, shrubs, or around your home. These products are also applied in strict accordance with the labels. When possible, keep off the lawn for about an hour after each application. This will allow for the product to dry enough for continued enjoyment of your lawn and landscape. For Termite and Pest Control applications, we ask the same thing; please allow for the product to dry in order to have the the best effect on pests around your home.

From early to mid-fall, cooler temperatures will cause warm-season (Bermuda grass and Zoysia grass) lawns to go into dormancy. After the first frost, a spotty pattern similar to a leopard print can develop. This anomaly is simply a reaction to colder temperatures and heat dissipation. Do not be alarmed, this is not a disease nor is it in any way harmful to your lawn. When winter temperatures set in, the color will even out as the rest of the lawn continues into dormancy.

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