Don't Be Alarmed by Your Camouflage Lawn!

Due to the reduced temperatures, turf growth is starting to slow down.  Soon, Bermuda & Zoysia lawns will enter their dormant phase.  During the colder months, Bermuda & Zoysia lawns turn brown and do not actively grow.  When the process begins, you might see a camouflage pattern in your lawn.  No worries!  The brown coloring will eventually spread evenly throughout your lawn.  This is a natural pattern of change, and shouldn’t cause any alarm.  Different environmental factors affect the speed of dormancy, so every lawn is different.  Your neighbor’s lawn might still be green, or vice versa.  Every lawn browns at its own pace! Same rule applies in the spring.  Every lawn will green up at its own pace as well.

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 Actively Growing Turf

Taken outside our shop in Gainesville, GA

‘Camouflage’ Stage of Dormancy

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Fully Dormant Turf

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