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Bragging Rights

Lawns like these provide us with bragging rights, so I’m going to brag! 🙂 Our customer, Mrs.Dunham, emailed these pictures to me. She also sent a note through the mail thanking her technician, Herman Cronic. We’re very proud of the work we do and it’s great to be recognized for doing a good job. Check out these pictures.

Why is Aeration & Seeding so important?

Fescue is a cool season turf. The further north you travel, the better it looks. It’s designed to thrive in cooler weather. So, it looks really nice in Georgia and North Carolina during the fall, winter, and spring months. THEN, we get to summer. There is just no way fescue grass can withstand the high temperatures and lack of rain during the summer. It will fade out due to heat stress or even disease. Brown patch is a huge issue for fescue turf. Post to come on that later. The only way to replace the turf that dies during the summer is to plant new grass. The best way to replace these areas is to aerate the soil and then plant new seed.

Fall Aeration & Seeding

Aeration and Seeding for Fescue Turf King GREEN’s core aeration and over seeding re-establishes turf density lost from summer disease, heat stress, and drought conditions. King GREEN uses the finest turf-type tall Fescue seed available. As always, King GREEN guarantees your satisfaction and will return to “touch up” any thin or bare areas at your …

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