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Heat Stress

Dave Scher, our branch manager in Charlotte, sent out the following email this morning.  Please keep in mind, this information applies to Fescue lawns in all areas.  Additionally, it’s important to water your lawn, no matter the grass type :). We are seeing A LOT of heat stress on our fescue lawns at this time, …

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Remember to Remove the Leaves!

Leaf removal is not only essential from an aesthetic perspective, but also for agronomic reasons. Although turf grass growth slows or ceases during this time of year, the plant will continue to photosynthesize (create nutrients/energy). This energy is stored to be used the following year. When leaves are left on Fescue grass, this reduces the ability to photosynthesize by shading available light.

Office Day Out

In August, we closed the office and headed to Helen for a day of fun on the river. Every year, each department gets a day off to partake in some sort of activity. This year, the service department went to Atlanta Motor Sports Park to race go carts and we went tubing and out to lunch in Helen. I always look forward to our outings. It’s nice to be able to relax with your co-workers and not worry about work for the day!

Why Aeration and Seeding is Important for Fescue Turf

Aeration and seeding is immensely important if you have a fescue lawn. Why?, you ask. Well, fescue doesn’t self germinate. Fescue is not going to re-populate barren or brown areas. Throughout the year, those areas will remain barren. At least until the weeds take over. Even if your lawn is treated with weed control, weeds tend to fill in areas that are not populated by turf. Most simply, a healthy fescue lawn is a lawn that is cared for throughout the year, and aerated and seeded every fall. We recommend the following steps to keep your fescue lawn looking great.

A Day in the Life- Episode 2: Chris Calefate

Next up on my tour de King Green is Chris Calefate. Chris is a service manager at our Gainesville, GA branch. He’s been with King Green over 10 years. Chris lives in Gainesville with his girlfriend (yours truly) and our dog, Akela (check her out in the pic below, she’s pretty cute!). He’s a huge football fan rooting for both of his hometown teams, the Georgia Bulldogs and the Falcons. A typical day for Chris varies. He handles a myriad of managerial duties to include meeting with customers, taking customer calls, assisting in managing the technicians, and assigning routes to the technicians, when needed. I spent part of the day riding along with him a couple of weeks ago.

First Day of Spring!

We might still have a few cold days, but warm, sunny weather is on the horizon! Unfortunately, the start of spring doesn’t just mean we will have more favorable conditions for outdoor living. The new season will also potentially reveal winter injury. The frigid winter weather may have left your landscape in its wake.

Charlie's Little Angels

Our President, Charlie King, works out at the YMCA in Gainesville and a couple of weeks ago, he met Crystal Forrester there. He’s a talker 🙂 and he quickly struck up a conversation with her. He learned that she founded a charity called Charlie’s Little Angels. He came back to the office and asked me to find out some more information so that we could help out. Along with supporting families of children who are sick, Charlie’s Little Angels also sponsors families in need at Christmas.

Banana Bread and Hucking

One of our customers, Harriett Cowan, is one of my favorite customers to speak with. She is so lively and vibrant. She is a retired teacher, and has lots and lots of stories to share. I could stay on the phone with her for hours, in fact, I have! Last month, Greg Wagner, our Vice-President, and David Seidenberger, our Service Manager, met with Mrs. Cowan on her lawn to address some of her concerns.

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