Happy Summer!

There is so much that goes into keeping up the appearance of your lawn. If you’re wanting to be the best lawn on the block, it requires a little extra work. We are here to offer some very simple and helpful tips that, when paired with King Green’s lawn care program, can make for an exceptional lawn!

Are Mosquitoes Bugging You?

Are mosquitoes bugging you?  Not only are mosquitoes a biting nuisance, they transmit  deadly diseases as well.  Mosquitoes carry several strains of encephalitis, and heart worms. There are currently 63 identified species of mosquitoes in Georgia.   Let us help to keep your family and pets safe. King GREEN provides an effective solution for controlling mosquitoes …

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Cold Damage to Turf

This year, warm season turf has had a difficult time greening up. Clint Waltz, the Extension Turfgrass Specialist at the University of Georgia, sent an e-mail to us regarding cold damage to turf. An excerpt of his e-mail is below. This information should shed some light on your current situation if your turf is experiencing slow green up this season {May 2014}.

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