Charlie's Little Angels

Our President, Charlie King, works out at the YMCA in Gainesville and a couple of weeks ago, he met Crystal Forrester there. He’s a talker 🙂 and he quickly struck up a conversation with her. He learned that she founded a charity called Charlie’s Little Angels. He came back to the office and asked me to find out some more information so that we could help out. Along with supporting families of children who are sick, Charlie’s Little Angels also sponsors families in need at Christmas.

Banana Bread and Hucking

One of our customers, Harriett Cowan, is one of my favorite customers to speak with. She is so lively and vibrant. She is a retired teacher, and has lots and lots of stories to share. I could stay on the phone with her for hours, in fact, I have! Last month, Greg Wagner, our Vice-President, and David Seidenberger, our Service Manager, met with Mrs. Cowan on her lawn to address some of her concerns.

Say What?!?

Our Marietta Branch Manager, David Iseman, sent these pictures over last week. If you were to see this odd critter in your lawn, you might freak out, but you shouldn’t! This is a harmless, ‘Hickory Horned Devil Caterpillar’ that eventually turns into a Regal Moth.

Day Out at Atlanta Motorsports Park

Last week, Charlie and Jennifer King had the pleasure of touring the Atlanta Motorsports Park with Clint Waltz, Associate Professor and Turfgrass Extension Specialist at the University of Georgia. The motorsports park is fairly new and we are working on getting the turf in shape.

Top Dressing

King Green offers top dressing for warm season turf (bermuda and zoysia) during the summer months. One of our customers took the following pictures of Chad and Eddie topdressing her lawn. These are great shots, thank you Mrs. Vycital!

Lawn in Progress

One of our customers recently sent the following e-mail and pictures. We’re so glad she shared her success story with us and sincerely appreciate the feedback. Her lawn is still a work in progress, but showing great improvement.

After the Renovation

Because of my delay in posting this entry, it’s already time for us to switch out the perennials in front! None the less, it looks great and I’m happy with our project.

Before the Renovation……

So I meant to post this about a month ago. Better late than never, right? These are the before pictures from our project in front of our main office in Gainesville. I should have taken pictures of the plants that were here before we got started. These pictures are after everything that was in place was removed, but before the new plant material was installed. Make sense? Tris came in on a Sunday afternoon and removed everything.

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