Facts About Brown Patch Disease

  • The brown patches you see in your Fescue grass are most likely caused by a pathogen that resides in your lawn all year long.
  • Whenever the temperature and humidity add up to 150 or more, conditions are right for Brown Patch to become active (usually in June, July, and August).
  • While the lawn brown patch pathogen feeds on excess nitrogen (fertilizer) it is not caused by it. At King Green, we stop using nitrogen on your lawn after round #2 for just this reason.
  • This disease first appears as a dark, water soaked area. Yellowish-brown lesions soon form on the leaf blades. The turf will then yellow, wither and die-sometimes in very large patches.


  • Mow regularly (every 5-7 days) using a sharp blade (the fungus can enter leaf tips shredded by a dull blade).
  • Keep Fescue at 3″-4″ in height
  • Water heavily (at least 1″) but infrequently (2x weekly except when the temperatures top 90 degrees), early in the morning is the best time.
  • Bag infected clipping and wash mower after use to prevent spreading.


  • Add fertilizer, or ask us to add fertilizer. This will make the disease worse.
  • Think you will not be affected. The majority of Fescue lawns in Georgia and the Carolina’s will be affected, whether it is minimal, or at a worse extent.
  • Forget that lush, well-maintained lawns tend to be hit first as the nitrogen levels are higher and there are few weeds to block the spread of the lawn brown patch disease.
  • Worry too much- Aeration and Seeding done in the fall will restore your lawn’s appearance regardless of Brown Patch.
  • Forget that Fescue is a cool season grass and will never be at its peak during the hot weather.

King GREEN’s Fungicide Program consists of approximately 3 applications of fungicide about 28 days apart. If the brown patches in your Fescue lawn are an issue, please call a customer service representative and ask about the pricing for your lawn at 770-536-7611 or 704-532-6262.

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