Chamberbitter Control

Chamberbitter, often referred to as mimosa weed or niruri, can be annoyingly troublesome if not controlled. Chamberbitter emerges in mid to late summer when the soil temperature is warm enough for it to thrive. In early stages, chamberbitter resembles mimosa seedlings. It will become a small shrub once it reaches maturity. Chamberbitter is a vexing nuisance in our lawns. However, it is used as an herbal remedy for kidney stones in South America and Asia.
Unfortunately, the application of pre emergent herbicides will not always prevent chamberbitter. Timing and persistence are key factors in controlling chamberbitter. If it germinates despite the pre emergent barrier, repeated applications of post emergent herbicides can usually eradicate the problem. This treatment will only be effective if the weed is treated early in its life cycle. Please do not hesitate to contact us about weed control.

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