What You Should Know About Fireweed

Fireweed is a common, leafy, annual broadleaf weed that germinates after April 1 across the Southeast. It grows quickly and can appear in massive amounts that seem to take over the lawn. This weed grows from the thatch layer in warm-season lawns and is able to live above the previously established pre-emergent barrier in your turf.
Since Fireweed can’t root properly, regular mowing and increasing seasonal heat will cause it to dry up and prevent it from taking over a lawn. While our broadleaf weed sprays will help to curl this weed up, it may continue to germinate for a few months until the temperatures finally wear it out. In the end, this weed is a seasonal nuisance that won’t have a lasting presence in your lawn.
One way to prevent fireweed from coming back next year is to reduce the thatch layer in your lawn. De-thatching with a rake or mechanical device after scalping the lawn in the early spring can take away this weed’s ability to gain a foothold in your turf and is a great form of weed control.

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