Dollar Spot Disease

Bermuda grass and Zoysia grass can also get a disease this time of the year called Dollar Spots. This disease forms small lesions on the leaf blades that are tan in color with dark brown margins. These dollar spots will occur in small patches about 2 inches across. You may also notice cobweb-like mycelium when your grass is wet with dew in the early mornings.
Sometimes dollar spot will manifest just prior to your next fertilizer treatment and with the ensuing application the grass blades can grow out of this condition. If weather is ideal for disease development you may need to get a fungicide treatment applied to stop the dollar spot disease from progressing further.
These supplemental applications are usually good for 2-3 weeks. We recommend a minimum of 2 applications, 2-3 weeks apart to control this disease, but some times more may be necessary. Because of the expense of additional product, there will be an additional charge to your normal maintenance. King Green rotates the products we use on your lawn to keep a disease resistance from building up to any one product.
If you have any further questions about dollar spots or want to schedule a fungicide application please contact us and we will be glad to help.

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