Brown Patch Disease

Now it has warmed up enough for brown patch disease to show up in Fescue lawns around Georgia and North Carolina. You may notice brown patch disease occurring throughout your Fescue grass. At first, your turf will darken to a deep green color in circular areas. Eventually, these areas will wilt out, causing brown patches in your lawn. The leaf blades may also develop lesions that are small, tan colored spots with a dark border, which are indicative of disease activity.
Excess fertilizer this time of the year will promote diseases and this is why we use Foliar Iron and Weed Controls in our Round 3 applications to only aid the Fescue without causing any more problems. If you have a history of brown patch disease or if you notice it in your lawn we can help with the control of this disease. These applications can be applied at an additional cost to our regular program. We recommend a minimum of 2 to 4 applications, 4 weeks apart to control this disease. King GREEN uses a combination of products on your lawn. This minimizes fungicide resistance.
Non-chemical practices you can do that will help to reduce the incidence of brown patch disease are as follows:

  • Maintain a high mowing height and a sharp blade
  • Do not water in the evening and avoid over-watering
  • Bagging clippings from diseased areas may also help
  • Trim trees and shrubs to allow for better air movement and light penetration

Please call us if you want to discuss disease control in your lawn or have more questions regarding brown patch disease and Fungicide applications. Thank you for using King GREEN Lawn Service.

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