Getting Rid Of Wasps

Spring is the time that paper wasps will try to set up their nests around your home. It is not uncommon to see them starting under your eaves or decks. The queens go into hiding through winter and when the weather warms up they will start to build a nest and begin laying eggs for developing a new colony. Paper wasps are actually beneficial insects and seldom cause any problems unless they locate close to where human activities are occurring. It is best to be on the lookout now while they are just beginning, as then you wont be startled or stung by them when they become a well-populated colony. If you’re interested in getting rid of wasps yourself you should use an aerosol spray that has quick knockdown effect. Stand to the side and not underneath the nest when you spray, but as a King GREEN IPM customer we will look for and destroy any wasp colonies on your home while we are out on our quarterly visits. We will also remove the nests after exterminating the wasps so new ones cannot easily return. If the nest is too high, it may be out of reach of our poles that are used to remove them. If you have an immediate concern with a nest of wasps or other insects please let us know and we will respond quickly for you.

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