Core Aeration Overseeding Preparation And Aftercare

With any service that KingGREEN provides, we try to make every effort to make sure you are completely satisfied. In order to receive optimum results from the service, we need your help too. Please follow these instructions in order to get the best results from your core aeration and over seeding.
Mow the lawn 1″-1.5″. Flag sprinkler heads, invisible dog fences, or anything that can be punctured by the aerator. Water the lawn as much as possible prior to core aeration and overseeding.
Care After Completion
1. In order for seed to germinate, Fescue grass must be kept moist. Please water every day for 15-30 minutes.
2. Continue this practice for three (3) weeks. After this time, gradually decrease frequency of watering to every other day, then every third day.
3. When first mowing your young fescue, make sure to use a sharp mower blade. Try not to mow for at least three (3) weeks.
4. As you water to germinate your new lawn, you may also begin to see weeds develop. These weeds will be controlled as soon as the young grass develops and is mature enough to handle weed control.
5. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.
Thank you for allowing us to perform this service for you.

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