Bermuda Weed Control Tips

Wednesday May 19, 2010 – Here are some weed control tips for your non-Bermuda lawn. Bermuda is not commonly thought of as a weed. But if you see a clump of Bermuda coming up in the middle of your Fescue grass, we doubt you would see it as anything except a weed. Even though you may have new sod laid or seeded recently, Bermuda weeds, as well as many other weed seeds, are blowing in the wind. One of your neighbors may have a Bermuda lawn. Bermuda turf is a “warm season” grass and is easy to spot treat in early Spring by appearing dormant in your green Fescue turf.

Although having grass in your grass is not a major disaster, it can certainly become an annoying nuisance. Preventing Bermuda from gaining a foothold is the best plan of action. Any small problems should be dug out immediately, taking care to remove all roots.

For larger problems, vegetation control herbicides may be the only solution. The best time to do this is in the Fall, just prior to over seeding your lawn. Please contact your turf specialist for more information on renovating your lawn with vegetation control herbicide.

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