Dealing With Zoysia Patch

If you notice discolored arcs or large circles in your Zoysia grass, you are experiencing an advanced case of Zoysia Patch. This disease is most prominent during the seasonal transitional phases, primarily at spring “green-up” and when heading into fall dormancy. A variety of factors contribute to the Zoysia Lawn Patch disease which can include compacted soil, excessive thatch buildup and unseasonably warm temperatures during the winter months.
Treatment of Zoysia Patch involves professional fungicide applications combined with specific maintenance practices. King Green will apply fungicides (at an additional charge) until the spread of the disease has been halted. The best case scenario is treating the disease in the fall, before it has a chance to take hold in your lawn. In most cases, more than one application is necessary. To aid in the recovery process, you should:

  • Rake out the affected areas and remove diseased thatch.
  • Aerate in the spring.
  • Mow the lawn at the correct height and frequency.
  • Collect clippings until conditions improve.

While prevention of Zoysia Lawn Patch using fungicides is not economical, other measures can be taken to minimize the risk.
These practices include:
1.) Proper mowing, which is the single most important thing you can do.
3.) Keeping your mower blade sharp.
4.) Topdressing your lawn, which will improve drainage, root development and nutrient intake.
Keep in mind that since Zoysia is a slow-growing turfgrass, recovery will also be a slow process. If you think your lawn has Zoysia Patch, please contact your King GREEN representative to help you identify this disease.

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