Virginia Buttonweed is a spreading, perennial herb common in the Southeast. Though technically an herb and not a weed, it’s still an undesirable in your turf. Leaves are elliptical (oval) to lance-shaped and produce white, tubular flowers. Virginia Buttonweed reproduces by seeds, roots or stem fragments.
Virginia Buttonweed will “overtake” your lawn if left unchecked. Mowing will not retard the spreading of Virginia Buttonweed because of reproduction by the root system. In fact, mowing may aid in the spread by reproduction of the stem fragments. For small problems, the most effective weed control solution is to dig it out. Take care to remove all of the roots.
For large-scale invasions, use of herbicides may be necessary. Using herbicides may cause temporary burn spots on your resident turf in the affected areas. After two to three applications, you will see marked progress in controlling Virginia Buttonweed. Patience is the key to controlling this weed.

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