Fescue grass is not commonly thought of as a weed. But if you see a clump of Fescue coming up in the middle of your Bermuda or Zoysia turf, we doubt you would see it as anything except a weed. Fescue seeds, as well as many other weed seeds, are blowing in the wind and can easily root in your turf. One of your neighbors may have a Fescue lawn or a lawn full of weeds!
Although having grass in your grass is not a major disaster, it can certainly become a nuisance. Preventing Fescue from gaining a foothold is the best plan of action. Any small problems should be dug out immediately, taking care to remove all roots.
For larger problems, herbicides may be the only solution. However, when dealing with a grassy weed, herbicides will also affect your resident turf. If you feel herbicides are needed, call us to schedule a consultation with your turf specialist. The key for any grassy weed is prevention by weed control.

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