What Is Dallis Grass

Dallis Grass is a clumpy, grassy weed common in the Southeast. This is the problem grass you see “pop up” the day after mowing. This grassy weed is sometimes confused with Crabgrass. Crabgrass is an annual and can be controlled with the use of a pre-emergent herbicide, whereas Dallis Grass is a perennial and cannot be controlled with a pre-emergent. Dallis Grass reproduces through seeds and rhizomes (underground creeping stems), so controlling this weed by mowing will not stop further invasion in your lawn.
Dallis Grass can “overtake” your lawn if left unchecked. The best solution for a small problem is to dig it out, taking care to get all of the root.
Also, spot spraying with Round-up is an option, but care must be taken to minimize damage on Bermuda from Round-up overspray. The Bermuda will creep back and cover up the area that was sprayed with Round-up.
Please contact us for more detailed information if you think you may have a dallis grass problem.

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