Crabgrass Control

Control Crabgrass – Crabgrass is a “warm-season” annual, grassy weed. Annual weeds grow from a seed, become a plant and die in one season (these are the easiest to control). Crabgrass is tufted in appearance with hairy leaves. A seed head will form which normally germinates in April. It emerges in late summer due to the pre-emergent wearing off. Because over seeding for Fescue lawns usually takes place in September and October, the perfect application of pre-emergent wears off in August to allow for the seeds to germinate in order to have a beautiful Fescue lawn.
The best way to control Crabgrass is to apply two applications of pre-emergent herbicide, which King GREEN includes in our normal full service. A pre-emergent won’t kill the Crabgrass that has already sprouted; it only keeps the Crabgrass seeds from germinating. King GREEN discourages spring seeding in Fescue grass, because if you seed in the spring, we are not able to apply pre-emergent to help control crabgrass.

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