Brown Patch In My Fescue Lawn

Brown patch, or fungus pathogens, can occur whenever the humidity level and the temperature combine to total 150 or more. Brown Patch can be recognized by leaf blades first appearing water-soaked and dark. Leaf blades then wilt and become light brown as tissue dies. A leaf lesion may appear irregular in shape, tan in the center and dark-brown around the borders. Symptoms on high-cut turf may resemble a ring with centrally located tufts of healthy grass within the patch. Fescue grass is most susceptible to this disease.
Over-fertilization tends to increase the intensity of this disease. King Green’s Summer Application is a controlled-release, light application of fertilizer on Fescue. Preventative applications for brown patch are usually not economical in residential lawns. If you notice Brown Patch in your lawn, we can help control it with a supplemental fungicide application. The supplemental applications last two to three weeks. We recommend a minimum of two applications, two to three weeks apart to control brown patch, but more if necessary. Because of the expense of additional product, there will be an additional charge to your normal maintenance. King Green rotates the products we use on your lawn to keep a resistance from building up to any one product.
Something you can do to help prevent brown patch from taking hold, is to mow your lawn frequently with a sharp blade. Also, avoid evening watering and trim trees and shrubs to allow for better air movement and light penetration.
If you think you may have Brown Patch in your Fescue lawn, please contact us so a King Green professional can help you.

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