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Lawn Care Matthews NC

Charlie King founded King GREEN in I987. He started the firm working in the basement of his home. At that time, he used one truck to spray each lawn. His wife, on the other hand, was responsible for paperwork and billing. Since then, the firm has grown to be a national firm with multiple branches all over Georgia and North Carolina. 

Being in the business for 35 years, it hasn’t been an easy task for us. However, having a dedicated team of experts has played an enormous part in establishing dominance in this industry. The unit includes a well-established group of career lawn care professionals and an agronomist. When it comes to weed control, lawn care, lawn aeration, and turfgrass fertilizer, King GREEN is the best service provider in the industry. 

Over the past many years, we have maintained an excellent reputation for providing good customer services. We have a well-established customer care system to cater for your services at any given time. Whether you have a general question regarding lawn care, turf grass fertilizer, or lawn aeration, you can call us at any time, and we will solve your puzzle. 

Throughout our history, we have managed to win various awards on different platforms. We offer both pre-paid and pay-as-you-go services to all our customers. Our products are of significant use when it comes to beautifying home and commercial properties. Furthermore, we usually offer our services at regular intervals within one year. What makes this a perfect deal is that you don’t have to sign an annual contract. However, if our services don’t meet your specifications, we offer a free of charge re-treat on the premises or money back, guaranteed.

Lawn Care Service in Matthews, NC: Weed Control, Lawn Aeration, and More

Securing our services will provide you with a competent firm capable of controlling weeds, trees and shrubs, and lawn care. We offer lawn operations, such as delivering limestone supplements, removing pre and post weeds, and applying grass fertilizer. The types of grass that we treat include Zoysia, Fescue, and Bermuda. Furthermore, we also offer additional services such as lawn seeding, lawn aeration, and lawn renovation. In addition, we help in eliminating diseases from your home trees and giving them an elegant look.

Environmental Concerns

Most of King GREEN’s services are environmentally friendly. When it comes to residential lawn care procedures, the firm uses products that don’t pollute the environment. Furthermore, the firm is driven by a non-pesticide policy. Meaning the firm believes in using less or no pesticides in conducting its operations.

How Our Lawn Care Service Works

So as to make your landscape and lawn beautiful and healthy, King GREEN ensures that lawn services provided are non-stop. For us, you don’t have to agree on an annual basis and sign a contract. Instead, we prefer issuing continuous services yearly until you tell us to stop. You can reach us through our email or call us if you have any questions regarding lawn services. We offer specialized residential lawn care programs throughout Matthews, NC.

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King GREEN has over 35 years of experience in the lawn care industry. Hence, if you want a free estimate, feel free to contact any King GREEN location. Lawn care Matthews NC is always near you.

Residential Lawn Services

Keep your lawn and landscape healthy and green – the envy of the whole neighborhood.

Commercial Lawn Services

From office buildings to sports turf, our flexible programs keep all properties looking their best.

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