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Lawn Care in Pendergrass, GA

Proper lawn maintenance not only helps to keep your lawn lush and green, but it also helps to boost your home’s curb appeal. That is why King GREEN is committed to offering quality lawn care services to all its clients in Pendergrass, GA. We are one of the most experienced lawn care services in Pendergrass, GA. We have proudly been in operation since 198. Lawn care service in Pendergrass, GA is very competitive. The reason why we have managed to render our services for this long is that we always deliver outstanding lawn care services. Whether it is weed control, lawn care, turf grass fertilizer, or any other lawn care service, our professional team will deliver exceptional service that will impress you.

We have been in this industry for over 30 years, and we have established ourselves as the place to go to when it comes to lawn care services. We enjoy a good reputation from our highly esteemed clients, thanks to superior lawn care services that we always provide to them.

We also have a customer care department that handles all customer concerns. So, whether you have a general lawn care question, or you have a specific problem that you want to fix, all you have to do is give us a call. We promise you that our friendly and professional staff will answer your call. We manage lawns for our customers throughout the year. All you have to do to enjoy our superb services is give us a call or email us. Hiring King GREEN will not only guarantee you quality services, but it will provide you with a peace of mind, knowing that your yard is being cared for by skilled and experienced lawn care company.

Lawn Care Services in Pendergrass, GA: Weed Control, Lawn Aeration and More

Besides providing lawn care service for over 30 years, King GREEN has also won many prestigious awards, because of our consistency in delivering quality lawn care services to our clients. We also accept flexible payments, including pre-paid and pay as you go. It is very important to us that our payment arrangements are as accommodating as possible. We will come up with a flexible payment plan that fits your needs. Our team will keep your home or commercial property lush, green, and beautiful throughout the year and will not require you to sign an annual contract.

Additionally, if you are not satisfied with our service, our team will perform necessary changes at no extra charge or we will refund you. We only accept payment once we are sure that you are happy and satisfied with the service that we have provided.

King GREEN is an experienced company that can handle almost anything that concerns lawn care, including tree and shrubs care, weed control, limestone supplements, lawn renovation, lawn seeding, and much more. We use modern techniques to ensure that your yard remains beautiful, green, and disease-free throughout the year.

Environmental Concerns

At King Green, we care about the environment, and we only use biodegradable products. It is our policy to lessen the use of pesticides. When you hire our Pendergrass GA lawn care service, we promise that we will make your landscape the envy of your neighborhood. We will continue taking care of your lawn year after year unless you tell us otherwise.

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