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Lawn Care in Waleska, GA

King GREEN is a highly specialized company in lawn care and one that has been in operation since the year 1987. The company has a group of experts who are dedicated to their work and are the main reason behind their continued existence and operation in the field of lawn care. This group of experts comprise of a professional agronomist as well as other lawn care professionals who have well-established career paths. Over time, the company has grown its reputation as a superior customer service provider. The company has the capacity to handle all your lawn care needs which gives peace of mind to the customers as quality service from professionals is guaranteed to your home or business.

Lawn Care Services in Waleska, GA

There are various types of lawn care services that are offered by these professionals and they include:

1. Lawn care and maintenance

This service is particularly designed to assist the grass in your home to reach its maximum potential. This further ensures that the grass can always remain green, healthy, as well as lush. The professional lawn care experts in Waleska GA usually perform a careful examination of each lawn and use the results they get to come up with a treatment approach that is fully customized to that particular lawn. The treatment approach includes product applications.

2. Lawn aeration

This service includes core aeration which is simply a practice that enhances the lawn soil. The process removes some soil cores on the lawn surface and then incorporates them into the grass profile. This allows for water and nutrients access into the root zone of the grass and enhances the growth of the grass.

3. Weed control and fertilization

For a green lawn with good health, regular fertilization is necessary. Not all lawns are able to get their nutrients naturally, and as a result, there needs to be a repeated application of nutrients that are rich which helps the lawns to have a deep green color as well as a lush density. Fertilizing your lawn on a regular basis helps reduce insects, weeds, and creates a strong resistance to diseases and drought.

4. Shrub and tree treatment

This is another service that you can get in Waleska GA. It is simply taking care of shrubs and other plants in your home to complement the lush green color of the grass. This gives your home a very distinctive look. Taking care of your shrubs and trees will assist in making them stay green, healthy, and keeps bugs or insects away.

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King GREEN is a well-known company in Waleska GA and offers convenient services to its customers. We have different programs for our customers to keep their residential as well as commercial properties healthy and green. All of our services are of high quality and the results are guaranteed. To request a free estimate, contact King GREEN today, a lawn care company with decades of experience. 

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