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King GREEN Provides Essential Lawn Services in Flowery Branch, GA

When searching for lawn care in Flowery Branch GA, our company King GREEN will facilitate professional services to ensure your lawn is handled with dignity and care. We offer a wide variety of services throughout Flowery Branch and the rest of GA, with an exceptional attention to detail that is hard to match. Our professionals work all across the state to provide customers with satisfactory results for commercial and residential properties that need a boost in lawn care service!

Solutions for Mosquito Problems

Nobody likes mosquitos, even if they are an important part of the ecosystem in one way or another. One thing is certain, we have the tools to deal with these pesky parasites on any given property. We understand that the severity may vary in every given situation, which is why we always come prepared with the latest in technologies while maintaining the health of any garden or assortment of shrubs. We suggest year-round services for all mosquito problems and lawn care in Flowery Branch GA.

Residential Lawn Care

We truly care about the health and quality of your lawn, and it reflects in the work King GREEN does throughout the year to ensure that your lawn is kept neatly in a safe, effective manner! We use products that have the best interest of the environment in mind so that your lawn is a safe place for any family or business. We do our best to limit pesticide use, and are continually offering residential lawn care programs that support all kinds of schedules. We have developed different strategies to tackle the various forms of grass found during lawn care in Flowery Branch GA.

Commercial Lawn Care

When it comes to commercial care, it may require an extra set of tools, depending on the types of foliage and the desired results of the project. This canentail things from simple to complex, but is generally seen as a larger, long-termproject. We have a wide variety of offers, such as sports turf services and shrub trimming, for commercial properties and any other businesses that may have a special need for our services. We have great confidence in our ability to successfully nurture your residence, and are experienced with many types of commercial properties as well!

Advanced Tree and Shrub Program

Regarding our tree and shrub program, we adhere to a schedule that will keep them vigorous and healthy throughout the year. Our applications include advanced feeding methods to perk up plants in the spring and limiting the use of pesticides. Trees and shrubs are a very important part of your landscape, and we treat them with great care and consideration. In some cases, special cuts of shrubs can be arranged to complement a home or business. Each plant is of individual importance, and we treat each one with the same care and respect. Our professional touch is noticeably different, and we have much experience!

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Residential Lawn Services

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Commercial Lawn Services

From office buildings to sports turf, our flexible programs keep all properties looking their best.

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