Lawn Care in Buford, GA

We are King GREEN, and we have been in operation since 1987. We are a company that specializes in lawn care, and the reason for our company’s successis our policy of employing lawn care experts. Our staff includes many professionals, including a professional agronomist, and these professionals offer a variety of services. These services include, but are not limited to, lawn care, weed control, and lawn aeration.

King GREEN has a reputation for excellent customer service, and there is good reason for this too. When you call one of our offices, regardless of the reason foryour call, you will be answered by an actual employee of the company who will be able to answer your questions. We provide services at all times of the year, giving you confidence that your lawn is being cared for by experts.

King GREEN offers a variety of options for payment, including both a autopay plan and pre-paid programs. These programs will keep your lawn beautiful and healthy, and they are available throughout the year. Our experts will treat your property at regular intervals, and will ensure that your lawn neversuffers from lack of care. Furthermore, you will never be required to sign a contract to receive these benefits, and if you are ever dissatisfied with the services that we provide, we will give you a full refund or retreat your property at no additional charge. All the services that we provide are backed by this guarantee.

Lawn Care in Buford, GA: Weed Control, Lawn Aeration and More

When you hire King GREEN, you are working with a company that can handle basically any tree care, shrub care, lawn care, or weed removal issue you might have. We treat Bermuda, Zoysia, and Fescue grasses, and our standard lawn treatment includes applying grass fertilizer, weed control, and limestone supplements. There are also a variety of additional services available, including lawn seeding, aeration, and renovation. If you use King GREEN’s tree and shrub care services, your greenery will remain healthy and beautiful year-round.

Environmental Concerns

King GREEN only uses environmentally responsible products when treating your lawn. As such, they place a high value on reducing the use of pesticides and other potential pollutants when treating your lawn.

How Our Lawn Care Service Works

King GREEN provides lawn service continuously for all of our services in order to keep your lawn and landscapes healthy, vibrant, and lush… The crown jewel of your house and the neighborhood. We don’t require our customers to sign contracts, and we will continue to provide our services every year until you tell us otherwise. If you ever decide to stop using our services, you can do so immediately at no cost to you. If you have any questions or concerns, we’re onlyan email or phone call away, and you can be sure that you will get a quick response to any question you may have.

Get a Free Estimate

King GREEN offers a variety of lawn care services in Buford, throughout Georgia,and in North Carolina. Check to see if you’re in one of our service areas, and contact us to set up a lawn evaluation.

Residential Lawn Services

Keep your lawn and landscape healthy and green – the envy of the whole neighborhood.

Commercial Lawn Services

From office buildings to sports turf, our flexible programs keep all properties looking their best.

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